STAAS: Staff Time and Attendance Solution is Ha-Shem's innovative way of clocking staff in an organisation.


Biometric Clock-in System 

With the fingerprint clock-in feature of STAAS; it takes just two seconds to clock-in. One second to place your finger on the scanner, and another second to verify you.

Report Generation

Quickly access and generate detailed reports that can be used for auditing and reference record purposes.

Location Monitor

Be in the know of the When, Where, and Why of your staff leaving the office premises, and when they return to the office premises.

Voice Interaction

Keep your staff engaged through the process of clock-in with a voice over interaction.

AD Integration

Make on-boarding fast and easy. Pull staff records from your AD, and have them do a self-service to complete the biometric registration.


STAAS notifies the HR when staff have not clocked in, and sends email notifications to staff immediately they clock-in for their own personal reference record.

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Benefits of STAAS

  • Maximise Cash Flow
  • Greater Transparency
  • Staff Compliance
  • Tracks Schedules
  • Safety, Security & Emergency Compliance
  • Reference Purpose
  • Easy Sign-in
  • Improves Efficiency
  • Recognize Conscientious Staff